Lefkada Villa Rental

Lefkada Villa Rental

Lefkada is the perfect location for a beach villa for your next holiday vacation in Greece. Rent a villa in Lefkada, with your family or friends, and explore the beaches and traditional Lefkada villages, or simply just relax by your own private pool. All of our Villas in Lefkada have been personally handpicked for their quality and for the services they offer. Also, please take a look at our Lefkada Villa reviews; to prove we are the best villa rental from our previous customers. Find the perfect sea view villa rental in Lefkada with a private pool. Let's start your next Lefkada villa holiday vacation search now!

The island of Lefkas is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands and lies between the islands of Corfu and Kefalonia. Although an island, it is connected to mainland Greece by a narrow causeway. Arriving at Lefkas, from the mainland, is a truly memorable experience, crossing the causeway and over a floating bridge. Once you have arrived on Lefkas, a delightful holiday starts. Friendly locals, perfect beaches, and interesting places to visit. Lefkas has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday location. 

Perfect Weather: During the summer months, the weather is always excellent and rain is rare. The sea remains warm until the end of the season. All of this coupled with the friendly welcome of the locals, the many tavernas serving traditional dishes with homemade wine, and you have the perfect setting for a delightful holiday.

Even though Lefkada is a popular holiday destination, thankfully it has not been spoilt. Even in July or August, it is still possible to find a quiet sandy beach all to yourself. Many visitors head to the popular beaches for windsurfing and kite surfing on the north and south coasts. The most remarkable west coastline, which offers amazing sandy beaches was dedicated to nymphs and goddesses by the Ancient Greeks! 

When to Visit Lefkada: Holidays to Lefkada or Lefkas for short, are usually from early May until mid-October. The hottest (and driest) months are July and August when the temperature will often reach 35c. May and October are cooler, but you can still swim and sunbathe. The daytime temperature will be between 25-30c. June and September have temperatures around 30c. Of course, it rarely rains during the summer months. 

Lefkas Car Hire or Taxi Transfer:  We can arrange a car to be waiting for you at Preveza airport or deliver you to your villa. Our office, in Nydri, is also home for Avis cars and with their excellent support, your car hire needs will be very well looked after. (Detailed driving instructions from the airport to your accommodation will be emailed to you before your arrival.)

If you do not plan to drive, then we can arrange a taxi to meet you at the airport and take you to your property.

Beaches In Lefkada

Lefkas has some of the best beaches in Greece. (This is not just a made-up statement in order to promote the island, no, this is our honest opinion having visited many of the Greek islands; the Beach Villas team truly believes that Lefkas has the best beaches.) Beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters make swimming a delight. Sunsets too should not be missed out, they are spectacular. The unique character of Lefkas is a remarkable blend of natural beauty, Ionian culture, and the unstinting hospitality of its people. 

Walking on Lefkas

Lefkada Walking

Although many just enjoy lazing in the sun, Lefkas has lots more to offer - including walking and exploring historic sites. The highest point is over 1200m and the terrain and plants are a complete contrast to the sandy beaches below. The views are superb - one of the finest overlooks Scorpios, the island of the Onassis family, and the myriad islands lying between Lefkas and the mainland. 

A huge variety of flora and fauna can be discovered when in the mountains of Lefkas.

Lefkas Town

The capital town of Lefkas is a delight and very likely to surprise the visitor.

Lefkada town

The initial view of the town is dominated by the great walls of the Agia Mavra fortress, and on entering Lefkas town it is apparent that it is nothing like the other Ionian island towns. This is largely due to an earthquake, in 1948, that completely destroyed the town of Lefkas. The town was re-built with limited resources and has resulted in a fascinating collection, and colourful, style of architecture. The houses have stone ground floors and a light wooden storey above. Hammered sheet metal was used to cover the upper wooden storey and later brightly painted in a range of pastel colours - resulting in a unique visual experience that has made Lefkas so popular today.

Tavernas In Lefka

A wonderful selection of tavernas awaits on Lefkas. From waterside tavernas at Vassiliki to beach fronted tavernas at Agios Nikitas, you will never go hungry on Lefkas.

Did we mention the local wine yet? Don't worry, it is fabulous! 

Lefkada Speed Boat Rental

From our office in Nidri, we can arrange a boat rental. From 15hp to 30hp no license is required. We offer boats up to 150hp but an RYA class 2 license, or similar, is required for these more powerful boats.

Lefkas Windsurfing

With two of the most popular beaches in Greece for windsurfing and kite surfing (Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis (Milos)) and a most remarkable west coastline with golden sandy beaches, no wonder the Ancient Greeks dedicated Lefkas to nymphs and goddesses! 

Lefkas offers an excellent location for windsurfing and has several schools that offer tuition in English. Agios Ioannis also offers 'kite-surfing' a unique sport that looks very entertaining!

Useful Links to Windsurfing Schools on Lefkas:  The Milos Beach Kite & Windsurf Center, one of the most famous in Europe, is situated in the northern part of the island of Lefkada (western Greece- Ionian Sea) on the beach of Ag. Ioannis. The beach has a length of 4.5km and a width of 70m. From April to September the island is considered to be amongst the best meeting points in Europe for windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world:
Milos beach Windsurf and Kiteboarding 

Club Vassiliki has gained legendary status in the windsurfing community as one of the world's largest windsurf centres, custom-designed to meet the windsurfer's every need. This is where the Club Vass winning formula was conceived; awesome conditions, top tuition, and a huge choice of the latest and best equipment along with a serious social scene:
Club Vassiliki 

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Villa Faneromeni

Syvota, Lefkada , Greece

Villa Faneromeni is located in Syvota on the island of Lefkada. This detached vacation rental property is air-conditioned and sleeps up to 4 people with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom along with private swimming pool and sea views.

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